Installing (actually, I should say changing out) a kitchen faucet looks pretty easy according to the directions. Maybe it’s because I am NOT a man =)

Anyway, ever since we bought our house in 2013 we have slowly been upgrading things here and there. I am not a fan of chrome or stainless steel. Our kitchen faucet is (was) chrome. It needed to go!

The problem was that I could not find one that I liked. I still didn’t find the exact one I was looking for in the finish that I wanted, but this one will do. We have a four-hole sink/counter and I was hoping to find one that had the pull-down sprayer, soap dispenser, and a separate hot and cold.

So I finally gave up and bought this one at home depot (amazon has it here as well).


After we got home my husband went right to installing the new faucet. It’s not the first time he has changed out faucets or shower heads, so how hard could it be?

Here are the steps to changing a faucet (according to my husband):

  1. Clear out everything from under the sink
  2. Pull out the instructions and attempt to follow along even though in this case it was pictures only.
  3. Turn off the water under the sink.
  4. Crawl under the sink to remove the old faucet and ask your wife “how do all those fat plumbers fit in here”? (hey don’t get your panties in a wad, I have plumbers in my family).
  5. Say several cuss words as you try to find a somewhat comfortable position to work
  6. Realize there is no comfortable position and cuss more.
  7. Hit the old faucet because you can’t get the nut off and it pisses you off.
  8. Cuss more.
  9. Attempt to install the new faucet. Cuss for the next 30 minutes as you try and get the washer that is supplied in the appropriate spot.
  10. Yell for your wife to come help you, after all, it was her damn decision to change this shit out.
  11. Cuss more
  12. Tighten the faucet just to realize the water handle was installed backward.
  13. Cuss for the next 10 minutes.
  14. Untighten the nut and stupid washer so you can twist the water handle to the proper side.
  15. Cuss for another 30 minutes as you try and put that stupid washer back into the right spot.
  16. Look at your wife who has her cell phone out and ask, “you’re not taking pictures are you?”
  17. Hook water lines up. Make sure to use thread tape.
  18. Attempt to flush the lines as illustrated in the instructions just to have water spray all over the place.
  19. Throw the instructions away, they are stupid and make you create a mess.
  20. Hook the other end of the water line up to the faucet.
  21. Test by turning the water on. Thank god you’re done!
  22. Cuss more and have a beer or 10.

Here is the Before & After. I personally think it looks a lot better! Sorry for the crappy cell phone-quality pictures!

old kitchen faucet
new faucet