When we bought our house in 2013 I loved the fact that it had a separate shower in the master bathroom. In fact, I didn’t mind that it was a builder-grade glass shower either; until I realized that keeping the glass looking spotless was a pain in the rear end. The fact that we had hard water made it worse.

Originally we tried spray painting the outside of the glass with frosted glass window spray paint. It worked well except it started rubbing off.

A couple of years ago we had used gila window film on the half-circle windows throughout the house as well as on the office french doors; so we thought what the heck, let’s give it a try.

We weren’t sure if the film would hold up in the wet/damp conditions. It’s been about 6 months now and I am happy to report we have had no issues.

In Under 30 Minutes & Under $60 We Were Able To Transform Our Glass Shower!

Before Transformation:

shower before

After Transformation:

shower after


We used the Bloss Vinyl Static Decorative Privacy Window Film in 3D-1 and it works just like the Gila brand! There is no glue so it is easy to remove. It literally just uses the power of static electricity!


  1. Window Film
  2. Window Film Application Tool Kit (comes with a trim tool, squeegee, and application solution
  3. Windex & Rag


You will laugh at how easy this stuff is to put up.

  1. Clean glass (we just used Windex).
  2. Spray on application solution
  3. Place film on window (or glass)
  4. Trim to fit
  5. Use the squeegee from the kit to remove bubbles


If you decide to change it out later, removal is easy. Simply just peel it off. I like to roll it up after removing so I can store it for later use. We recently just removed some from our office french doors and I reused it on the side window next to our front door. It went up just as easily as it did the first time with no issue of peeling off. I do find that the brands that have the thicker film work the best compared to those that are more like car tint films.

I wonder what other glass I can find to cover up!?