Yes, you read that right! I saved $2400 a year by making two simple phone calls.

We have been trying to make a conscious effort to save money for retirement and to have a strong 6-month emergency fund (in case hubby can’t find work right away after he retires from the Military).

In doing this, I have really looked at our finances to see what could either be cut or cut down as well as additional ways of saving money. When you are on a budget and are trying to save money, every penny literally counts!

Call #1 Cut the Cable

The first thing I did was get rid of cable. After we realized that we could get local channels for FREE and crystal clear I knew it was time to cut the cord on cable. Most of the shows we watched were on local channels. Instead of getting an antenna for each TV, we hooked up a whole house antenna which allowed us to just use our cable outlet for each TV.

This one simple phone call saved us $1200/year! And this was including the cost of adding Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions!

Call #2 Cell Phone Provider

The next phone call I made was to our cell phone provider. I have been with them for over 10 years and had never missed or been late on a payment. To say I was a loyal customer is an understatement. I had been out of contract for years. One simple phone call to them allowed us to keep the same plan, but they knocked off $100 per month just to keep us!

That 2nd simple phone call saved another $1200/year!

And with that, 10 minutes of my time and two phone calls saved my family $2400/year!

Update: I went ahead and also called our Internet company. By the time I got off the phone, I was upgraded to their max speed AND saved $50/month from what I was paying with one of their lower speeds!

That is an additional $600/year savings for a GRAND TOTAL of $3000/yr in savings or $250/month saved by making 3 simple phone calls!


  • When calling the companies ask to speak to someone in the retention department if you feel like you are getting nowhere with customer service.
  • Make sure you are out of contract. This is VERY important. If you’re still currently under contract, they know there is very slim chance you will leave since most of the time it would require a hefty payment to do so!
  • If you are military, always ask if the company offers a military discount on their services. Most cell phone providers do offer a military discount.