Our free holiday list printables are back this year, with an added Christmas wish list for the kiddos (or even adults). This year’s download is a download of the following free printable lists:

  • Holiday gift checklist
  • Holiday Card Mailing List
  • Christmas wish list.

Ways to use the holiday list printables:

Holiday Gift Checklist Printable: Easily record who you have to buy for, what your budget is for that person, what was bought, how much you actually spend, and if it has been wrapped or mailed.

Holiday Card Mailing Checklist Printable: Easily make a list of those you plan to send cards to, their addresses, and if the card has been mailed.

Christmas Wish List Printable: A new trend started recently of buying only 4 presents per child. One which must be something they will wear, something they will read, something they need, and something that they want. This list makes it easy for them to write down items in each category.

I hope you find these useful and as always feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on printables that you would like to see in the comment section below!

Download Free Holiday List Printables

Holiday Checklists
Holiday Checklists
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